Practice Areas

The activities provided by FINANCIAL CRIME AUDITORS SA include services directed to support the Financial intermediaries in verifying the correct fulfilment of the AML obligations:

Auditing & Risk Assessment


Due diligence on the current in-house AML fulfilment, though an in-deph analysis of the consistency among the organisational and operational measurements carried out by the Intermediaries to control the risk incurring in Money Laundering activities, even with the aid of special diagnostic software that interfaces with the company information systems.


Verify the risk level of its Customers, identifying Intermediaries's Customers having a higher risk, with complete analytical reports on their "anomalous" operations.



Advisory & Remote Assistance


Advice to the in-house audit function, supporting the function in adopting measures which are necessary to reach an adeguate governance of the risk, also through a remote assistance, with the use of specific software diagnostics.


For Intermediaries without a business function of internal auditing in the Anti-Money Laundering, has been prepared an annual service for the continuous supervision of the AML risk. 

Education in house & E/learning

Education is customized to the features of the Intermediaries, both complete, directed to all personnel, and specialized, directed only to the professional figures having liability on this subject.

FINANCIAL CRIME AUDITORS SA has activated a service for distance learning (e-learning) on Anti-Money Laundering matters, constantly updated with new regulations and customized to the operating characteristics of the Customer.

IT Solutions for AML


FINANCIAL CRIME AUDITORS SA has developed a Suite of specialized software applications in support of the corporate control in AML, which provides a full compliance to the most recent regulations (European Council Directive 2018/843):


I. AML SARA ANALYSIS (only for Italy) - This Solution allows the processing

and analysis of data in the statistical flows SARA, sent monthly by the

Intermediaries the UIF, in order to verify that the data are statistically consistent

and analyze the presence of any anomalous data.

II. AML DIANA ANALYSIS (only for Italy) - This Solution facilitates the

Intermediaries to detect (as allowed UIF-Diana) dysfunction, caused by incorrect

setting of the power systems of the AUI, and behavioral abnormalities, due to

incorrect manual intervention of the operators.


III. AML CUSTOMER RATING -  This Solution is structured in 4 integrated

modules: 1. it provides, via the  processing of the data stored in the book keeping

and managerial system of the Bank, the remote monitoring and analysis of the

effectiveness at both whole Company and branch level, guiding  the activity of

the auditing to the risk areas.  2. it allows the automatic extraction of the

Customer’s names (NDG) having, during a month or other  referenced period of

time, an handling potentially suspicious. 3. it allows the Bank to fulfil,  via a risk

evaluation at the individual Customer's level (NDG), the new regulation regarding

“AML risk profile". 4. it allows the Bank to manage efficiently to the inside of the same

database a black list (high risk) and a white list (low risk) of its Customers.


IV. AML-CFT ASSESSMENT - The Solution enables the ML / TF risk assessment

to be effectively supported in order to reach a residual risk quantification and allow 

historicize of self-evaluations for subsequent uses.

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