Our Firm


AML RISK MANAGEMENT SA is an independent consulting firm born with the objective to operate in a more penetrating manner, in the banking and financial european market, in preventing the operating risk of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing.


The importance of the operating risks, expecially the ones in connection with Money Laundering, is taking a great relevance inside the financial Institution; the inadequacy of the controlling systems and of the corporate governance set in a company can lead to financial losses connected to frauds, inadeguate agreements, violation of the law.


Beyond the financial impact it is important that the loss of goodwill is not underestimated, since this usually produces losses which are higher than the financial ones.


The activities provided by AML RISK MANAGEMENT SA include services directed to support the financial Intermediaries in verifying the correct fulfilment of the AML obligations.


Who We Are

AML Certified Specialists


AML RISK MANAGEMENT SA enjoys the support, on this specific subject, of auditors having a multi-year experience gained on issues in connection with the application of Anti-Money Laundering by primary international Banking Companies and Financial Intermediaries.


AML RISK MANAGEMENT SA is characterized by an innovative, specialized and technological approach in the consulting field, also based on use and supply of speciific AML software, for comprehensive reporting on the level of compliance of the Customer.